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Today you are a girl,
So you stuff your sister's bra,
3 tissue boxes are casualties,
In your crusade for beauty.

As you apply lipstick,
In front of our cracking mirror,
I mention that this is the 5th time this week,
You've paraded yourself in miniskirts and hooped earrings,
And I wouldn't mind normally,
But lately,
Perfume has begun to smell like gunpowder.

Today you are a boy,
So you dust off your abandoned wifebeater,
And rub your ignored adam's apple gingerly.

As you apply shaving cream,
In front of our cracking mirror,
I mention that your unnaturally deepened voice,
Sounds like a bad imitation,
Of a butterfly wearing bear claws.

You reply in a whisper,
"Butterflies aren't as ugly as me,"
And my heartstrings are played like an orchestra.
I hold you tighter than usual,
And run kisses over your waterproof mascara from yesterday.

I say to you,
"I wish I could be your cocoon,"
And those pools of confused blue,
Seem to still themselves,
You press your body more openly against mine.

Today you are you,
You've transformed these past Todays,
Into a perfect array of pinks and blues.
Your lack of makeup works wonderfully,
Witth your flat untrimmed chest in that flowery blouse.

I mention to you,
how I discovered that butterflies were prayers with wings,
And how happy I was,
To have my prayer answered.

You laugh at me,
And go back to painting my nails some newfangled tone,
All the while going on about,
How hard your team will beat my team,
In the next match.

Today I silently thank you,
From sacred head to blessed toes,
I thank you for finally loving yourself,
As much as I love you.
Title should be "My Crossdressing God(dess)".

A transgendy piece. For someone I wish would stop line hopping. You don't have to decide. Who says you have to? Just be you and we can both be happy.
Blufire1992 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2010  Student Writer
hmmmm not bad... I have a taste for any type of poetry and I can tell you that his is good...
Uberzwitter Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Professional General Artist
This is a really beautiful poem. It has alot of emotion in it, and I think that even if people can't relate to the scenario- we have all experienced a partner that doesn't see their own beauty the way we do. This relays it in such a unique, but sincere way.
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